Writing a Book Review Template

book review

A book review template can help you make the most out of any book review you write. For some writers, their book may have several sections, or at least sections that have to be reviewed. If your book has sections, it is best to create a sample section, review that section first, then move onto the next section.

Writing a book review is different than just recommending or critiquing books. First, as with other forms of academic writing, the book review must be written in the formal academic style, reflecting on the content of the book itself. As with any type of academic writing, a book review must be formal, reflective, as well as objective. The book review is an essay written about a particular book and its author. There are many types of review templates, but most are based around three main formats:

  • Short Summary – This is a summary, sometimes referred to as an introduction, of what you found in the book. Often, this comes after the Table of Contents or Introduction so it is best placed after the section that gives you an overview of the book.
  • Short Paragraphs – These are usually a single paragraph describing the book itself and what you liked or didn’t like about it. Some books, such as those written by highly acclaimed authors, are long enough that several paragraphs are needed. These are typically used in book review template examples.
  • Section Breakdown – These are usually two or three sections broken down into paragraphs. When using these examples, keep in mind that the book review is an essay that is meant to be written as if you were reading the book itself, so you will want to include relevant examples, quotes, as well as references to support your points.
  • Sample Book Review Template – These can also be a good way to get the feel of the book itself. The majority of book reviews, and especially ones that have an actual format, are very long. It is best to try and come up with something to work with the length of the book itself, so you can get a feel of how the book will sound to a reader. before writing your own.

Book review examples can be found online, or you can simply Google the book and see what other readers have written about the book. Be sure to include the author, as well as any other information about the book, including its rating and/or popularity, as this will help you to create a book review template that is relevant to your needs.

book review

If you are looking for a better idea on how to approach the writing of a review, check out other books, either online or in books, or even a quick Google search for a book review sample. Most book reviews follow a similar format, which is why having a sample can make your book review template easier to read.

You can also use book reviews as a way to find out more about books or authors. For instance, if you have always wanted to write a review about your favourite book, but never found any resources for your research, then you can go to the book review sample websites and check them out. This will give you a good starting point for your research.

There are also some very important tips when creating your book review.

  • Always be honest – Although people love to read book reviews, they will quickly notice that they can only tell you so much about the author, and the subject of the book itself. Always remember to tell the truth, don’t embellish, and keep your opinions factual, so that the readers can see the story from the author’s perspective, not someone else’s.
  • Book review templates can serve as great starting points to get into the world of book writing, so you may also want to include a book review sample or a short bio on your website. This will give readers a place to go and ask any questions they may have without having to spend too much time digging through your site.